Nature Wonder Journal

This is for Nature Journaling, to teach kids to wonder about the world around them. Encourage them to sketch what they see, write small intriguing things they notice, write what they want to know more about, and guide them later in doing more research.

Weekly Cleaning Schedule

This is a weekly cleaning schedule, to help you clean a little each day. Use the provided schedule or the blank template.

Homeschool Hour Tracker

This is a homeschool hour tracker, to help you keep a log of time spent on each subject.

Each week is divided into core and elective subjects to add up.
Each month is then added up with core hours, core hours away, and elective hours.
Each month includes a year to date section, as well.

Daily Homeschool Schedule Checklist

This is a homeschool schedule to help the parent or student keep track of his/her daily “to do”, responsibilities, outings, and notes.

You can use it to show students what they will be doing that day, in order to earn privileges, or allow him/her to be responsible and check off their “to dos”.

It works great in a frame with a wet erase marker.

Weekly Responsibility Chart and Allowance Tracker

Responsibilities Chart:
You can list daily and weekly responsibilities/chores, to mark off each day and
write daily and weekly rewards.

Allowance Tracker:
You can write responsibilities, value (amount paid for), amount completed and earnings (the value x amount done).
It is easy to keep track of Earning Goals and Total Earned so far.

Click link for more colors.

The Simple Homeschool Planner

This is a planner for homeschool moms. It is simple and easy to use. It begins with listing curriculum according to subjects, your weekly schedule outline, and logins to remember.

Each month includes an overview with goals, outings, “to do”, and “to buy”, followed by the weekly planning sections.

The weekly planning section includes 7 sections for each day (for 7 school subjects), as well as check boxes, to mark off tasks. The dates are left blank, so you can write in dates and start whenever it works for your family.

One set works well for 1-3 students and more copies can be printed if needed.