A Nature Journal to help kids learn to observe nature, ask questions and continue learning at home. Also known as a Wonder Journal. When hiking or taking a nature walk, have them fill out what they notice (see, hear, feel) and what they wonder (want to learn more about). Have them sketch what they see. When you are home later, research their wonder questions and have them write their answers in the “I Learned” section.

Gratitude Journal

A daily gratitude journal, Each day, write down what you are grateful for and add the day’s date, to help you focus on the positive. Make a habit to be grateful for your blessings by writing in your journal before you start your day or at the end of the day, to help reflect on the day. Write what you are thankful for as a family, during dinner each night.

Fill this travel journal up with pictures, notes, and details of your journeys/ adventures. Use like a smaller scrapbook to save memories in. Great for road trips, vacations, camping, backpacking, and so on! Fun for kids to use. Easy way to remember family vacations or road schooling.

A journal, to take notes in during a church sermon, bible study or personal reading time. Write down the topic, scripture verse, notes, and your application. Reflect on the verses and how you will apply it to your life. Use this journal to pray for these topics. Very simple and easy layout and easy to pack and take with you.

A weekly meal planner to write down what meals to make each day of the week. Includes a place to plan your shopping list.

Keep track of your homeschool hours with this simple layout. Track hours by subject, broken down by core or elective classes. Add up total for each month and year to date.

A planner with a weekly to do list on each page. Organize each day’s tasks, jot down notes, and remember your weekly goals.